Application to use the Campus License―Maple

Application to use the Campus License
Maple 17 is now available.

Please refer to the page below for a list of updated features in the new version of Maple.

Campus License

 The Cyber Media Center has maintained a campus license for Maple since 2001. According to this campus license, those affiliated with Osaka University may use Maple on all systems with an educational purpose, but is limited to systems furnished by Osaka University.

Conditions of Use

 Those using Maple must either be students or staff of Osaka University. The systems on which Maple is installed must be provided by Osaka University (those that have a serial number registered with Osaka University), and must have an educational purpose.
Use of Maple must be on-campus.

Available Packages

Maple 15、16、and 17 are available for different operating systems.
For more information on platforms which can run Maple, refer to Environments on Which Maple Can be Run. For systems that do not meet the operating system requirements listed above, please contact maple-admin[at]ime.cmc.

Sharing of Expenses

As of 2012, shared fees have not been required.

Application for Use

To apply, use the following link: [Application for Use of the Campus Maple License]

※ Please touch at the end of the E-mail address.
Note: the domain is protected by spam filtering.