Application to Use the Campus License-Mathematica-

Application to Use the Campus License

Mathematica ver.9 is now available.
※ We have begun to distribute the disk for Ver. 9.0.1

Campus License

 The Cyber Media Center has maintained a campus license for Maple since 2001. According to this campus license, those affiliated with Osaka University may use Mathematica. In order to update Mathematica to the latest version, submission of an application is necessary. We also ask that you submit a renewed application every year for continued use of Mathematica.

Terms of Use

  • In order to use the Mathematica license, you must be a member of one of the following departments.
  • Covered Departments:
    • School of Science/Graduate School of Science
    • School of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering
    • School of Engineering Science/Graduate School of Engineering Science
    • Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
    • Graduate School of Medicine
    • Graduate School of Dentistry
    • School of Economics/Graduate School of Economics
    • Osaka School of International Public Policy
    • Other departments are covered, granted they satisfy the following requirements:
      • Departments that fall into more than one of the above department categories
        (In this case, refer to the campus license agreement document, and enter the relationship with the above departments.)
      • Departments that have a cooperative agreement with one or more of the above departments
        (In this case, refer to the campus license agreement document, and enter whether there is an agreement with the above departments.)
      • You are responsible for or in charge of the same budget as one of the departments above. You are affiliated with one of these departments, and are responsible for or in charge of a grant for one of these departments from an external organization.
  • For the case of a basic license, the systems on which Mathematica is installed must be provided by Osaka University (those that have a serial number registered with Osaka University), and must have an educational purpose.
  • Use of Mathematica must be on-campus for the basic license.
  • We also ask that you submit a renewal application for Mathematica each year. Continued use into the next fiscal year will require a fee.

Available Versions

Applications can be submitted for Mathematica versions 7-9, which are available for various operating systems.

Shared License Costs

  • For those who use the campus license, we ask that you share the costs of the license as described below.
  • For the 2015 fiscal year, the fee schedule is as follows (not depending on version).
    1 Process 20,000JPY
    2 Process 30,000JPY
    3 Process 40,000JPY
    4 (or more) Processes 50,000JPY
    ※ The number of processes is determined by the number of machines that could possibly use Mathematica simultaneously.
  • The total number of processes under both the basic and home use licenses is reflected in the total process counts above.
    For example, if two processes under the basic license and one process under the home license are applied for, the total would be three processes, for a sum of 40,000JPY.
  • Purchasing additional licenses in the middle of a fiscal year will require additional license applications.
    Caution) If you are responsible for expenses or budget, please adhere to these rules.
  • Licenses in each application are limited to the laboratory or classroom that submitted the application.
  • Even if the license stops being used prior to year-end, the full price of the license will be charged.
  •  Fees for license usage will be taken from the Management Expenses Grant of the individual responsible for budget (or payment) for that particular department.
  • There is no cost for version upgrades as long the current license is active.

Types of Licenses

There are two types of Mathematica campus licenses:

  • Basic license
  • Home use license

A basic license is one that is used for a system provided by Osaka University, which only has one instance of Mathematica installed. Please see below for details regarding the home use license.

Home Use License

  • If the intended user is faculty of an Osaka University department, and intends to use the software for educational purposes, Mathematica can be installed on a system not owned or distributed by the university. Home PCs fall under this category.
  • The home use license is limited to one process per user.

Applying for a Basic License

Applying for a Home License

1. Please use the application form provided by Wolfram (Company).
Caution 1) When registering, you need a license number, which is: L2974-7757
Caution 2) Register an e-mail address with an Osaka University ( domain.
Caution 3) When registering, check the [Download-send it to me at the email address I Specify] option as your preferred method of distribution.
2. The application information you submit will be received by Osaka University, and a terms and conditions form will be sent to you. (The person using the software must confirm that the terms and conditions are met through this form)
3. After filling out the required information on the form, send it to: System Operative Management, Cyber Media Center (Toyonaka Educational Training Center) Main Hall.
4. After processing the form, Wolfram will send an e-mail granting permission to use the license and a link to download and install the software.
Caution 4) The download link is only valid for 10 days. Please download and install the software soon after receiving the link.
5. Applications are for a period of one year. If you wish to continue using the software past one year, please complete and submit an application for continued use.
Contact via: math-admin @ ime.cmc. ※ Please touch at the end of the E-mail address.

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