Osaka University CMC Green IT Project

 Together with Microsoft, the Cyber Media center has come up with a notification and visualization system to help reduce energy consumption costs. Along with proof of concept experiments, this project has been termed the [Osaka University CMC Green IT Project]

Through the cooperation of Microsoft, we were able to give users access to their energy usage data via digital signs and a portal site. Through these forms of communication, our goal was to improve consciousness of students and faculty with regards to energy consumption of air conditioning, lighting, and computing systems. With these interfaces, Osaka University has moved towards more effective management of its power consumption.

Project Members


  • Haruo Takemura, Osaka University, Cybermedia Center, Infomedia Education Research Division, Professor


  • Tomohiro Mashita, Osaka University, Cybermedia Center, Infomedia Education Research Division,Lecturer
  • Kazuhisa Kumano, Microsoft, Public Center Marketing, Department Manager
  • Takeshi Maki, Microsoft Public Center Marketing, Solution Specialist
  • Mihoko Nishijima, Microsoft Public Center, Academic Program Manager

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