IT Core Facility & Cybermedia commons



Cybermedia Center has been constructing the new computer center building “IT Core Annex” in which the high performance computer and all data servers of our university are intensively aggregated. At the same time of the construction of new computer center building, the Suita main building of cybermedia center will be renovated too. And in this building, Cybermedia Commons which provide an aid for all students with information technology as an active learning space will be launched. These facilities will be operated in May 2015.


IT Core Annex

IT Core Annex is a data center including large scale computers and built of steel framing with two stories. The gross floor area is 2000 square meters. This facility consists of an electric equipment building and a server building. The peripheral wall is designed by using gentle curve surfaces and metal panels having light permeability to take into consideration the surrounding environment.
As the composition of this facility, the main computer and server area is divided from the facility equipment area including air conditioning and the power supply. The first floor is machinery facilities (approximately 1000 square meters) and the second floor is computer and server rooms with double wall structure (approximately 600 square meters). As the services, this facility provides large-scale computer system, server area providing, campus cloud, etc.

Main Hall Repair and Cybermedia Commons


We are repairing the mail hall, which is a deteriorating RC building with one basement and three stories, and the total floor space is 3500m2.
We are planning to locate Department of Information and Communications Technology Services together in the first floor, which is now located in distributed places.
Also, we will construct cybermedia commons in the space previously used for our large-scale computer system.
The meeting rooms and the director’s room will be located in the second floor.
The laboratories for Applied Information Systems Research Division and University-wide Information and Communications Infrastructure Services Promotion Division will be located in the third floor.
And the staff rooms for several service machines and the machine rooms are located in the first basement floor.
The cybermedia commons is an active learning space where the students learn independently and supports them with various information technologies including the access to digital information resources.
Moreover, in the cybermedia commons, we will install visualization software including AVS express, large scale stereoscopic displays, and 3D printers that can create 3D models from the visualization system.
We are promoting the support system for the students to learn and study independently exploiting these installations.