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Informedia Education Research Division

This research division is involved in building an advanced information education environment, providing information and information ethics education, and carrying out research and education activities for the faculty development of information education staff. →HP(English)

Language Education Support Research Division

At this division, we create language education environments using ICT technology, and support second language education and the development of teaching materials. In addition, we also teach and conduct research on liberal arts courses related to second language learning.

Large-Scale Computational Science Research Division

This research division is involved in assisting the operation of the supercomputer system, disseminating technologies to make computational results visible, providing education on advanced technologies for using the supercomputer system, and conducting education and research activities for computational science and other related courses. →HP(English)

Computer Assisted Science Research Division

This research division supports the operation of general-purpose computer systems and faculty developments of efficient computer applications for setting up and solving scientific problems, and also provides education and research related to mathematical and computational modeling of scientific problems. →HP(Japanese)

Cybercommunity Research Division

This research division is involved in design of digital libraries, cyber communities, and social networks, building information modeling (BIM), development of risk management systems in urban spaces, and evaluation of urban infrastructure, while providing a computer-aided design and graphic science education. →HP(English)

Advanced Network Environment Research Division

Education and research on next-generation networks including Beyond 5G/6G, digital twin, and operation support of the campus network ODINS.

Applied Information Systems Research Division

This research division develops plans for future high-performance computing systems and cloud computing systems to achieve seamless integration of computers and networks on a large scale. This division also performs research on the architecture of large-scale computer communication systems. Research topics include high-speed networking, ubiquitous networking, and the architectures of cloud and grid systems. →HP(English)

University-wide Information and Communications Infrastructure Services Promotion Division

The Cybermedia Center offers a variety of services to support the entire of Osaka University such as maintenance, operation, and user support of information communication systems and joint use facilities installed for education, research, and clerical work. This division is involved in promoting and managing the smooth execution and enhancement of university-wide support services the Cybermedia Center is implementing. →HP(English)

The Joint Research Laboratory for Integrated Infrastructure of High Performance Computing and Data Analysis

We aim to realize Integrated Infrastructure of High Performance Computing and Data Analysis and Data Infrastructure that can accommodate various computational needs for academic research. →HP(English)

  • Director
  • Susumu Date