Microsoft Teams video conferencing

Here you will find information that you may find useful when conducting classes with Microsft Teams.

Teams overview

Microsft Teams Video Conferencing is an online conferencing system that can be used on a PC, smartphone or tablet. Features include voice, video, whiteboard, chat and more. Osaka University uses Office 365 A1 license for student email OuMail, and you can use Microsft Teams video conferencing function by linking here with CLE. With OuMail’s usage settings at Osaka University, it was not possible to use video conferences in Teams (the caller cannot be specified) because the search of the user directory was not available, but due to the cooperation function with CLE, the course on CLE Video conferences will be available between faculty and students.
In the future, we will post links to how to use Teams published on the Internet etc. on this page.

  • Office365 page
  • Maximum number of participants 250 people No meeting time limit
  • Join with browser only Chrome, Microsoft Edge available
  • App download available
  • Available for mobile

How to link with CLE

Students are required to provide a link to the meeting (video conference) in advance when conducting a lesson using Teams. By creating this link on CLE and placing it in the content area, students will click this link to join the meeting.

The following describes the preparation for linking, how to create a link, and how to actually use it.

Preparation for use (teacher)

First, apply to use the student mail system OUMail. Faculty who are in charge of classes using an educational computer are already registered, but if you are not, please apply from this form . Then, follow the OUMail user guide to set up login and multi-factor authentication. Also, set the forwarding of e-mail, etc., if necessary. Please see here for details.

Preparation for use (both teachers and students)

Sign in to office365 with your OUMail account to download and install the Teams app from your office365 page to your computer. When you launch the installed application, you will be prompted to sign in again with the application, so sign in with your OUMail account and password. This is given that is important to the sign-in, If you do not sign in teachers as the host of the meeting you will not be able to start the meeting . Also, students will be participating as guests and some features such as whiteboard sharing will not be available.

Create a link to the meeting

The faculty member will create a link for the meeting in the course on the CLE. The specific method is shown below.

Click Micirosoft Teams in Course Tools in the Course Management panel.

Microsoft Teams
Teams Sign-in

Click Sign in to sign in with your OUMail account. Since multi-factor authentication works, you can authenticate with SMS or application. Here, if you are already signed in to icho2 from your browser with the icoh2 account, the following will be displayed, so please set the administrator account. . Click the part.

Then, the account selection screen will be displayed. If you have an account with, select it, otherwise use another account. Enter the account ID from.

When you sign in after entering the password and multi-factor authentication, the following screen will be displayed.

Click Create meeting link. This will bring you to a page where you can schedule your meeting.

Set the meeting name, start time, and end time and click Create. Then the following screen is displayed.

After the meeting is created, if you want to set the options, select the meeting option and you can set the options.

After setting the options, select Copy and a confirmation message will be displayed. Click this to finish the setting. The meeting will be registered in the calendar on the CLE and a link to the meeting will be placed in the content area.

Return to the contents area from the menu on the left. A link to the meeting is inserted at the top of the content area. The state of the calendar and the link in the content area are as follows.

By default, the link item will not be displayed until the meeting time.

To make the link visible before the start time, click the down arrow to the right of the link to select the edit. Set the disclosure conditions.

Start meeting

At the meeting start time, both faculty and students click this link to join the meeting.