Learning Management Systems – CLE (Blackboard Learn)

Here you will find information about the lesson support system CLE.


Thank you for participating in the many workshops held on March 27th and 30th. You can watch
the video on the morning of 27th here. (You need to log in with your personal ID at Osaka University.) Other videos are in preparation.

About usage of CLE

No registration is required to use the lesson support system CLE. The class information of the Academic Affairs Information System and the registration information are linked once a day, and the pages of all classes offered at Osaka University are available on the CLE.

Before registration, only the faculty member in charge can access the page, but once registration starts, the registration will be reflected on the day after the registration by the student, and the student can access the class page.

Is there a tutorial on how to use it?

Details of how to use CLE are posted on the support center on CLE. To log in, follow the link from My Handi or log in from https://www.cle.osaka-u.ac.jp. If you do not have a personal ID of Osaka University (OUPID) and want to access CLE by using a local account of CLE, access from the latter link and select the entrance for those who do not have a OUPID.

Link on my handi

In addition, in the upper left corner of the CLE dedicated login page, there is a Japanese / English switching icon for the login screen. By clicking this, you can display the English login screen.

However, even if you switch to English and log in, the display language of CLE will not be affected, when you log in by using OU PID. You can switch language through a “setting menu” that can be displayed by clicking your name near the upper right corner of the home screen. Please, note that class names are not multilingual and will be displayed in Japanese as on KOAN.

CLE original login screen

When you log in, the dashboard will be displayed. Here, if you click the support center on the far right, various support information will be displayed.

The menu of the support center looks like this.

You can also access the Support Center, which has a manual for teachers, from the link below.

We will provide more information from our support center in the future.