Blackboard Collaborate FAQ

Q. Collaborate cannot be started
A. Please use Chrome or Firefox. For Firefox, if the enhanced tracking prevention (content blocking) function is turned on, it may not be able to start, so turn it off temporarily.

Q. My machine isn’t muted but I can’t hear the other person’s voice (I can hear the pop-up sound.), I can’t watch
A. Please use Chrome or Firefox.

Q. I want to
turn off the pop-up notification sound A. You can set the notification sound on / off in [Setting Menu] in the menu at the bottom right of the screen.

Q. When sharing the screen, the distribution screen looks like a mirror.
A. Press [Application / Screen Sharing] in the menu at the bottom right of the screen to display the [Share screen] window. please choose.

Q. Can the whiteboard screen be saved?
A. Unfortunately, you cannot save the whiteboard screen.

Q. Where are the recorded videos stored?
A. Click the menu at the top left of the Collaborate top page and select [Record] to display the list of recorded sessions. You can download or play from the detailed menu displayed to the right of the session name.

Q. Can I save the chat history?
A. If you were recording a session, you can save your chat history (if you turn off the download feature and allow playback only on collaborate). First, you can play the video recorded on Collaborate and download it in text format by clicking “Download chat” from the menu on the upper left of the playback screen.

Q. How many breakout groups can be added?
A. The maximum number of participants in the main room is 250 (please contact us in advance if the number exceeds 250), so the number of participants in the breakout group will be less.
Please note that breakout groups cannot be used for sessions with more than 250 people.

Q. Will the TA’s authority become a “participant” when accessed? Will you be a “moderator”?
A. If you have TA authority, you will be a “moderator”.

Q. I want to test only with teachers and TAs. Is it possible to create a session with only specific participants?
A. If you hide the CLE collaborate tool link (when it is displayed in the course menu), only faculty members and TAs will be able to access Collaborate.
Participants cannot be specified for each session