Preparation and implementation of simultaneous interactive media classes

This page provides information on preparing and conducting simultaneous interactive media classes.

When the number of people is small and the interactivity is high

Using the online conferencing system, all the participants can use the PS, tablets, and smartphones to interactively communicate by video, voice, chat, etc., while the teacher uses the PowerPoint file from his or her PC to give a lecture. It will be a class that will be held while taking questions, accepting questions from students, and conducting group discussions.

In this case, the tools currently available at Osaka University are:

here is. It is a platform that can be used by all faculty as it works with CLE. Please see here for details.

In addition, services such as Zoom and WebEx are provided as SaaS, and Zoom can be used in cooperation with CLE. Please see here for the details of the cooperation.

If you would like to use Zoom with CLE, please contact the CLE Help Desk.

Please note that the Cybermedia Center does not support how to use Zoom. Support is available for how to use the linkage function.

In case of large number of people and low interactivity

Lectures using video conferencing systems often have an upper limit on the number of participants, with 100 free Zoom licenses and paid Pro licenses and 250 Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (request 2 business days in advance). 500), and the Zoom Education license is 300.

There is no limit to the number of people for streaming delivery using Universal Capture of Echo360, but it will be one-way delivery. In this case, you can use the question board on Echo 360 to exchange text in both directions.

In the case of a large number of people, using the conference system complicates the operation of muting the microphones of the participants and is not recommended.

In this case,

  • Lecture video and audio will be delivered live, and participants will watch this in one direction.
  • For questions, etc.
    • Ask questions in text using the bulletin board function of CLE. The teacher who sees it responds by voice.
    • An online conferencing system dedicated to the questioner has been set up, and only students who have questions can participate here and ask questions using video and audio.

There is a method called.

Please refer to this page for the live streaming method.