In 1986, the Cybermedia Center introduced ODINS (Osaka Daigaku Information Network), which supports and maintains Osaka University’s campus network.
 Educational activities can be carried out on ODINS networking technologies, and at the same time security issues, information ethics, and other concerns involving university students and staff can be managed. In addition, the Cybermedia Center conducts state-of-the-art research on network related topics.
 The campus communications network was initially built with a low-speed dedicated line. ODINS then introduced technology such as TATM, FDDI, EEHERNET, and ant in order to expand internet capabilities and area of communication.
 In 2008, ODINS was upgraded to a 5th version, which established Gigabit Ethernet network maintenance, a campus wireless LAN system, additional security measures, and improved stability.
 In 2013, ODINS was upgraded to a 6th version, which introduced a wider-area campus WLAN service, stronger anti-spam and anti-virus e-mail services, and a more effective firewall system.