Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

This page provides information about Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, an online lecture system that works with CLE.

What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

It is an online conference (lecture) system provided by Blackboard that includes functions specialized for education, and is provided as a cloud-based service (SaaS). Up to 250 people can connect simultaneously as standard. Osaka University plans to use a combination of a trial license and a paid license arranged by Cybermedia Center, and it can be used until the end of September 2020 (up to the end of June 2021).

Intro to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

It is a material created by our university. Please see it as it is a simple summary of how to use it.

Part1 “Use for the first time”

Part2 “Accessing the remote lecture screen”

Part3 “Recording function”

  FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Help page provided by Blackboard

From here, you can find help pages for online meeting managers, moderators (applicable to faculty), and attendees.

The following is an introduction video, but if the actual interface is multilingual and the display language is CLE in Japanese, it will be displayed in Japanese.

Supported browsers <Important>

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is implemented by utilizing the browser function called WebRTC. Therefore, it is not necessary to install the application, but the supported browsers are limited to those compatible with WebRTC. Specifically, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge are recommended, but the following combinations are recommended.

Windows / Mac OS / AndroidChrome
iPhone / iPadSafari

Test the connection environment

You can check in advance on the test site provided by WebRT whether it can be used without problems in your environment. If you connect to and click START, diagnosis about a microphone, video, and network (protocol, connectivity, bandwidth) will be performed. Pre-testing from the environment using Collaborate Ultra is recommended.

Try it out

Click the link below to view the CLE Blackboar Collaborate experience course after logging in with your Osaka University personal ID. If you operate according to the displayed contents, you can join the course room (meeting room) provided by Collaborate as a moderator (meeting organizer).

Since it is a shared room, there may be other participants. In that case, you may try various functions with those people.

Place a Collaborate course room in your class. Detailed explanation is currently being created

To use Collaboratre for your course on CLE, there are the following three operation methods.

  • Method 1 Select a tool from the course menu, and click Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in it to use it.
  • Method 2 Add a menu item to the tool link to the course menu and use it.
  • Method 3 Place Blackboard Colaborate Ultra as a link from the tool displayed in edit mode to the individual tool in the content area, and click to use it.

How to confirm attendance → Click here for details

How to check and download recorded files → Click here for details