Online Teaching Guide at Osaka University

This page contains information about the IT services offered by Osaka University to support distance learning / online teaching.

This page provides an overview of the systems available at Osaka University to perform online teaching.

We hope this page to be a reference when you choose what to do first.

For information on how to use individual systems and examples of their use, please refer to the information linked from this page, the various types of seminar information provided, and links to the efforts of individual faculty members.

This page is organized and provided by the Cybermedia Center and the Department of Teaching and Learning Support(TLSC), Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences(CELAS).


    • 4/14 Explanation about Microsoft Teams is provided。
    • 4/15 Livestreaming from Universal Capture Personal of Echo360 is added.
    • 4/25 English pages were released.

What is the media classes? – > Click here for details

Media classes are “Classes in which students take classes outside the classroom using a variety of media at a high level” established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Osaka University’s school regulations stipulate this type of class.

However, in May 2019, the Curriculum Committee established an outline and guideline for media classes, and classes can be conducted in accordance with these guidelines.

There are two types of media classes. They are “simultaneous bidirectional type” and “non-simultaneous bi-directional” and students can take classes from home if they meet certain conditions.

Online teaching guide

CELAS has published an online course implementation guide for various cases. This site provides information on services that can be used to conduct online classes at Osaka University.

Systems that can be used for online teaching at Osaka University

The use of IT services is essential for conducting media classes, but the following systems are available at Osaka University.

    • Class Support System CLE (Blackboard Learn)
    • Video recording and distribution platform (Echo 360 Active Learning Platform)
    • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Licensed through the end of September (Up to end of June 2021))
    • No expiration date for Microsoft Teams Video Chat
    • Zoom (No time limit until the end of April, no limit after using a paid license)
    • Collaborative learning environment (Loilonote School)

The following provides an overview of these systems and links to more detailed information.

The Collaboration and Learning Environment CLE (Blackboard Learn) → click here for details

CLE is a standard LMS(Learning Management System) available at Osaka University. Courses are linked to the KOAN SIS(Student Information System), and the course pages for courses registered on the KOAN are ready for use in the CLE. The course registration information is synchronized with the KOAN SIS registration information (once-a-day). If the student registers for a course on KOAN, the student will be registered in the CLE on the following day. A student can access the course by a tentative registration without waiting for the finalization of registration. Therefore, students can use CLE from the first day of the course as long as students register themselves one day before the class day.
CLE offers many features including:

    • Distribution of course materials
    • Collecting Assignments
    • Accepting questions from students
    • Student Communication (bulletin board)
    • Online testing
    • It can be used as a platform for one-stop services for teachers and students.
    • It is possible to link with each system except for the Loilonote School described later.

Video recording and distribution platform (Echo 360 Active Learning Platform) → click here for details

Echo 360 is a Video recording and distribution platform that can be used throughout the university.It can be used in the following ways:

    • You can automatically record and distribute lecture videos in some classrooms.
    • You can record and distribute lectures on your own computer.
    • Like YouTube, you can upload and distribute your own videos.
    • You can live stream your lecture from your PC

In either of the above cases, in conjunction with The Collaboration and Learning Environment CLE, only the students enrolled in the course can play the video. Video downloads are disabled by default.
Similarly, you can choose to have your PowerPoint presentation or PDF file to appear onscreen only. This prevents students from downloading the presentation files.
You can see students’ activity log including how much of the video is played by each student.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra – Find out more

It is a platform for simultaneous interactive distance learning provided by Blackboard, a provider of a CLE, and provides interactive video delivery, break-out room (Use in group discussions, etc.), whiteboard, file sharing, chat, questionnaire, and quiz for up to 250 participants (500 people requesting 3 business days in advance).
It works with CLE to help you plan and take each class from the courses on CLE.
Osaka University started operation with a trial license until the end of June and will purchase necessary licenses afterwords.

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing system – > Learn More

Microsoft provides a video conferencing system as part of Office 365.
At Osaka University, teachers and students can participate in a video chat by linking CLE and OUMail accounts.
To use it, you need an OUMail account. See the link above for more information.
There is no expiration date.

Zoom → click here for details

Zoom’s cloud-based online conferencing system.
Features include interactive video delivery, break out room (Use in group discussions), whiteboard, file sharing, and chat.
Each meeting requires an account called the meeting host, which has a free license and several paid licenses associated with it.
The free license limited the number of participants to 40 minutes, but as a coronavirus protection measure, it is available for unlimited hours throughout April. The maximum number of attendees is 100.

By registering your free license with the Education license pool managed by CMC, you can take advantage of the CLE & Zoom integration.  You can also set up CLE integration for your purchased Education licenses(Please consult in advance.). A Pro license can host meetings with up to 100 people, and an Education license can host meetings with up to 300 people.

Loilonote School (collaborative learning environment) – > click here for details

Loilonote School is an interactive tool for every day classes as well as distance learning.
Faculty and students of Osaka University can use it for free if you register.
As of March 2020, no OUPID integration is made with the application, so you need to register separately. Check out the link above for more details.