Zoom Online Conference System

Here you will find information that you may find useful when conducting classes with Zoom.

Faculty members are responsible for using Zoom. Osaka University Cybermedia Center does not provide support for Zoom usage. Functions used in cooperation with CLE are supported.

Please consider security when using the service.

 ・ Notes on information security in Zoom

 ・ Notes on information security at the time of remote class / meeting by Zoom

It was confirmed that the free Zoom account can be used in conjunction with CLE, so the description was corrected. Registration is required for use, so please check the method for linking with CLE on this page.

Zoom overview

  • A cloud-based online conferencing system provided by Zoom.
  • Features include interactive video delivery, breakout rooms (used for group discussions, etc.), whiteboards, file sharing, and chat.
  • Each meeting requires an account called a meeting host, with a free license associated with it and several paid licenses.
  • With the free license, the participation of many people was limited to 40 minutes, but you can use it for an unlimited time during April as a measure against coronavirus. The maximum number of users is 100.
  • By registering a free license to the CLE Education License user pool, you can use the link function with CLE. It is also possible to set the linkage function with CLE for a paid Education or Pro license purchased at a department (please consult in advance). The Pro license can host up to 100 people and the Eduction license can host up to 300 people.

Zoom tutorial and others

Here you can find links to how to use Zoom that are published on the Internet.

How to link with CLE

It is necessary to inform the students of the meeting ID in advance when conducting a class using zoom. It is possible to notify using a function such as KOAN, but if you use the function to link with CLE, you can start the meeting by clicking the link provided on the course page on CLE.

Specifically, the faculty can schedule the meeting by clicking Zoom in the Tools menu on the CLE to display the Zoom meeting schedule screen.

Faculty can schedule weekly lectures on the CLE as shown below.

When class time comes, you can press Start from this link to start the Zoom meeting.

Students can also access their CLE course and view the list of online lectures in that course by opening the Zoom link from the tool and joining the lecture. The following is displayed to students, but only the button to join the meeting is placed.

To use this function, you can add your ZOOM account to the user pool of Education license managed by Cybermedia Center, or create a new LTI link exclusively for the paid license purchased independently on CLE. There is a method. However, in the latter case, if one tool link is dedicated to the faculty member and a large number of people want it, it will cause administrative inconvenience. Therefore , the cooperation with the original pay license will be based on the pay license purchased for each department.

If you would like to register and use a personally acquired free account in the user pool of the Education license managed by Cybermedia Center, please contact the CLE Help Desk with the email address set for your Zoom account. This email address must be the same as the email address registered in CLE .

Please contact the CLE Help Desk even if you want to use the Education or Pro license to operate in cooperation with each department. We will inform you of the steps required for cooperation.

Please contact the CLE Help Desk if you have any questions regarding the linkage between Zoom and CLE, as the Cybermedia Center will provide the necessary support only for the linkage.